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[FO4] (Support) Fallout 4 CTD on game start, no mod or load order changes made.

Mod list and system specs at the end of this post.
Hi everyone, I'm suddenly having a CTD issue and I simply can't figure out what's causing the problem. I've started a fresh install of fo4 + mods using Vortex (NMM), and for a few weeks have been playing without issue. Last night the game started loading to a black screen for roughly 2 seconds, then crashing with no error, the only change I've made since my last session was to create a merged patch via fo4edit, issue persists with the merged patch disabled.
Troubleshooting steps I've taken so far:
Reinstall fo4 script extender
opened all mods on fo4edit and simply closed (suggested somewhere in the nexus forums)
restoring .ini backups that were auto created
I'm in the process of disabling one mod at a time to find the problem, but so far I've had no luck, or simply can't find the combination of mods that might be causing the issue. My loadlist is below, I know there are a few conflicts but other than a little minor weirdness I've had no ctd issues until this started.
At this point I'm at a loss on what to try other than a fresh install of the game and all mods, I'm saving this as my last step since I have very little time to play in any given day, and need to fill my fo4 itch =P.
Any help or advice at all would be greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.
Mod list is as follows:
DLCCoast.esm DLCNukaWorld.esm DLCRobot.esm DLCworkshop01.esm DLCworkshop02.esm DLCworkshop03.esm AnS Wearable Backpacks and Pouches.esp APC_Mobile_Base_v1.3.esp ArmorKeywords.esm Armorsmith Extended.esp AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp BetterBostonAirport.esp BetterSettlers.esp BetterSettlersCleanFacePack.esp BetterSettlersMortalPack.esp BetterSettlersNoLollygagging.esp Binary Speech Checks V.4.esp BOUNTIESFORYOU.esp Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul.esp BTB- Beyond the Borders FO4.esp BTInteriors_Project.esp Campsite.esp CBBE.esp CombatZoneRestored.esp ConcordEXPANDED.esp Consistent Power Armor Overhaul.esp CraftableAmmo.esp CraftableAmmo_plus.esp Crafting Workbench.esp Crafting Workbenches - Automatron DLC.esp Crafting Workbenches - Power Armor.esp Crimsomrider's 1950s Feminine Outfits.esp CROSS_Jetpack.esp CWSS Redux.esp dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp DOOMMerged.esp DV-Armored Pilots.esp DV-Durable Vertibirds.esp DV-No Levelled Vertibirds.esp Eli_Armour_Compendium.esp EveryonesBestFriend.esp Faster Terminal Displays (20x).esp Fr4nssonsLightTweaks.esp Gunners Overhaul 1.1.esm HagenEXPANDED.esp HelmetToggle.esp Homemaker.esm HUDFramework.esm Immersive Fallout (DLC).esp ImmersiveVendors.esp JonsMod.esm Journal.esp Leaders Of The Commonwealth.esp LegendaryModification.esp LegendaryModificationCSA.esp LegendaryModificationGroknak.esp LegendaryModificationMisc.esp Loads of Ammo - Leveled Lists.esp Loads.esm Locksmith.esp LongerPowerLines3x.esp LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp LooksMenu.esp Minuteman Watchtowers.esp More Power Armour Mods - Automatron.esp More Power Armour Mods.esp More Where That Came From Diamond City.esp MoreUniques.esp moreXplore.esp Move (Get Out the Way).esp NEST_BUNKER_PROJECT.esp NewCalibers.esp PA-Quick Animations.esp PAMAP.esp PD_VisualReload.esp Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp PreWarSafes.esp Rangergearnew.esp RAW INPUT.esp Realistic Death Physics - ALL DLC.esp Realistic_conversations.esp Robot Home Defence.esm SalemEXPANDED.esp Scrap Everything - Ultimate Edition.esp SettlementMenuManager.esp ShellRain.esp SimSettlements.esm SimSettlements_XPAC_RiseOfTheCommonwealth.esp SkibsWeapons-REDUX.esp Some Assembly Required (Legendary Patch).esp Some Assembly Required.esp SOTS.esp SSEX.esp StartMeUp.esp Stm_DiamondCityExpansion.esp subwayrunnnerdynamiclighting.esp SurvivalOptions.esp SwampsEXPANDED.esp TakeCover.esp The Eyes Of Beauty.esp The Lost Vault.esp The_Prydwen_Overhaul.esp Third Person Movement Speed Fix.esp TrueStormsFO4-EarlierSunsets.esp TrueStormsFO4-EarlierSunsetsFH.esp TrueStormsFO4-FarHarbor.esp TrueStormsFO4-FarHarborExtraRads.esp TrueStormsFO4-GlowingSeaExtraRads.esp TrueStormsFO4.esm UniqueUniques.esp Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion.esp Vivid Fallout - All in One - Best Choice.esp WastelandFashion.esp WastelandFashionAccessories.esp Weapons of Fate.esp WIPAG_Contraptions_DLC_Addon.esp WIPAG_FarHarbor_DLC_Addon.esp WIPAG_NukaWorld_DLC_Addon.esp WIPAG_Power Armor Overhaul.esp 3dscopes-takecoverpatch.esp 3dscopes.esp AnimChemRedux.esp Arbitration - Recommended Core.esp BetterNightVision.esp BOS1 (normal).esp ConsoleEnable.esp Craftable Armor Size - Fix Material Requirements.esp Craftable Armor Size.esp D.E.C.A.Y.esp DarkerNights.esp DarkerNightsDetection.esp DeadlierDeathclaws.esp Enclave Resurgent.esp GunnerOverhaul_UniqueNPCs.esp Hard Legendary Giant Creatures.esp OCDecorator.esp OCDecoratorDLC.esp OCDispenser.esp OutfitSwitcher.esp Quieter Settlements - Contraptions.esp Quieter Settlements - Vanilla.esp Quieter Settlements - Wasteland Workshop.esp Respawnable Legendary Bosses.esp SuperMutantRedux.esp SuperMutantRedux_ArmorSmithExtended.esp Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters.esp Unique NPCs FarHarbor.esp Unique NPCs.esp Unique_NPCs_SuperMutantRedux.esp W.A.T.Minutemen.esp WestTekTacticalOptics.esp Workshop_Planters.esp Scavver's Toolbox.esp Better Power Armor - Normal.esp GCM.esp NPCGreetingTweak50.esp P90.esp P90NPC.esp QuickTrade.esp WheelMenu.esp ASmallAdditionStandaloneDrivablesTRUCK.esp BuildYourOwnVault.esp Conquest.esp Deadly Fog.esp EasyHacking.esp Goodfellow's Glorified Goodneighbor.esp SKKGlobalStashScrapping.esp TrucksCraftableParts.esp Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp SettlementKeywords.esm WorkshopFramework.esm WorkshopPlus.esp mergedpatch 7-1-20.esp SmartLoadOut-DLC.esp SmartLoadOut-SK.esp SmartLoadOut.esp 
System specs -
Microsoft Windows 10 Home Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2801 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) (RAM)16.0 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 
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All known fixes for issues with Skyrim Together

These are all the known fixes for issues with running Skyrim Together and accessing the launcher. Thanks to a couple of the moderators, helpers, and other Patrons too, we've managed to be able to find a fix for all the most occuring issues.

UI not popping up with RCTRL - Fix
How to Add/Launch ST to/from Nexus Mod Manager.
How to Add/Launch ST to/from Vortex.
How to Add/Launch ST to Mod Organizer 2.
How to Add/Launch ST to/from Steam.
How to play ST with Steam Link. (App/Device)
How to stop game from pausing while alt-tabbed.
Game Not Found - Fix
Linking Patreon
Patreon Not Linking - Fix
Mod Console closing out before launching - Fix
Skyrim Together Inconsistent Launch - Fix
Unable to see your friends even though you're connected - Fix
Launcher opens Steam along with a small window that shows your name and random characters - Fix
For other Connection issues - Fix
Launcher's "Unknown Error" - Fix
Crashes while loading due CreationClub issues in the Eastern part of the EU - Fix
Crashing on Windows 7

**UI not popping up with RCTRL - Fix
  1. Close the launcher
  2. Go to Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim Special Edition
  3. Delete the following file in the above named directory: v8_context_snapshot.bin
If your UI still won't show after deleting the snapshot.bin file, make sure to delete leftover files in your Skyrim root directory from ENB's, and ReShade in particular. Try to disable visual mods too, just in case. This shouldn't be needed, but some visual mods interfere with the ST UI.

**How to add Skyrim Together Shortcut to Nexus Mod Manager:**
  1. Open Skyrim or Skyrim Special Edition in NMM.
  2. Click on the two gears (Settings) button
  3. Navigate to the Skyrim or Skyrim Special Edition tab, within the Settings window. (Should be the right most tab.)
  4. In the `Custom Launch Command` section, in the `Command:` box add in the location of `Harbor.exe` (include .exe file on end of file location) which may be located in your Skyrim or Skyrim SE folder.

**How to Launch Skyrim Together via Nexus Mod Manager:**
  1. Follow the above steps.
  2. Click the arrow on the right side of the `Launch Skyrim` or `Launch Skyrim SE` button.
  3. Click `Launch Custom Skyrim` or `Launch Custom Skyrim SE`

**How to add Skyrim Together Shortcut to Vortex**
  1. Open Vortex and open either Skyrim or Skyrim SE within Vortex to manage.
  2. Go to the dashboard tab.
  3. Click `Add Tool` on the Game title within dashboard, then select `New...`
  4. Fill in the lines.
Name: Skyrim Together
Target: Location of `Harbor.exe` (include .exe file on end of file location)
Command Line: (Not Required)
Start In: (Folder containing `Harbor.exe`, may be done automatically)
Environment Variables: (Not required, can leave it alone.)
Icon: (Will automatically choose the one used by `Harbor.exe,` you can manually give it a custom one if you wish.)

**How to launch Skyrim Together via Vortex**
  1. Go to the Dashboard tab on Skyrim or Skyrim SE.
  2. Click the created Skyrim Together button, located on the Game tile.
NOTE: You have to be `managing` the Game via Vortex to see the created shortcut, `Recently Managed` will not allow you to click it.
How to add/Launch Skyrim together to Mod Organizer 2
  1. On the 'Run Executables' button (next to the Run button), click
  2. In the window that pops up, add the following fields:
Title: Skyrim Together
Binary: [harbor install folder]\Harbor.exe
Start in: [harbor install folder]
Check 'Use Application's Icon for shortcuts' (optional)
  1. Click Add and Close
  2. To launch, Click on Skyrim Together on the 'Run Executables' Button in MO2

**How to add/Launch Skyrim Together via Steam**
  1. Open Steam Library
  2. Click `ADD A GAME` which by default is on the bottom left, under the `GAMES` list.
  3. Click `Add a Non-Steam Game`
  4. On the `Add a Game` window that popups, click browse and navigate to the location of `Harbor.exe` and when selected, press open.
  5. Once the game has been added to Steam, it will appear in the uncategorized section of your library, `GAMES`, you can move it wherever you want with `Set Categories` or `Add to Favorites`
  6. To play via the shortcut, just click on it via library and click `Play`.
NOTE: You can change the settings, Name and picture by right-clicking the shortcut and selecting properties.
Another NOTE: Skyrim Together does not have to be added to Steam to get the Steam overlay in-game.

**How to run Skyrim Together through Steam Link**
  1. Follow the above steps to add Skyrim Together to steam.
  2. Connect to Steam using your Steam Link App or Device.
  3. Play.
Note: While Skyrim itself can be controlled using gamepad controllers, the Skyrim Together UI requires use of keyboard and mouse, as does the Harbor Launcher.

**How to not pause game while tabbing.**
  1. Navigate to `skyrim.ini` within `\Documents\My Games\Skyrim` or `\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition`
  2. Add `bAlwaysActive=1` under `[GENERAL]`
  3. Save and the game will no longer pause when alt-tabbed or unselected.

**Game Not Found/Loader in Wrong Folder - Fix**
First of all, if you're using oldrim, stop here, you'll have to use SE for our closed beta since Oldrim isn't supported yet, as stated in bold text in our closed beta announcement.
  1. Open RegEdit.
  2. Go to `Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Bethesda Softworks`
  3. If not found Create New Key and name it 'Skyrim Special Edition' for SE.
  4. Right click the 'installed path' location String and change Value data to location of your game's executable. Example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition
If that doesn't work, try this instead:
  1. Open RegEdit.
  2. Go to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\
  3. If you can not see 'Steam App 489830' in the list add it.
  4. Inside \Steam App 489830 create a new 'String Value' called InstallLocation
  5. Right click the 'InstallLocation' location String and change Value data to location of your game's executable. Example: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition

If this still doesn't work, you're probably using Oldrim which we said was not working in our Closed Beta reddit post, or you messed the path up in the registery.

**Linking Patreon**
To link your Patreon account to your Skyrim Together account, follow these steps:
  1. Head over to https://oreo.skyrim-together.com/
  2. Log in
  3. Press "Patreon" in the top-right corner of the website.
  4. Press "Allow" on Patreon's website when you're asked to share your profile.
  5. Done! Your account is now linked with Patreon and you can now log in on Harbor.
  6. If you still can't see the golden border like shown in the image below, try logging off and logging back in on our website.

**Patreon Not Linking - Fix**
If your Patreon won't connect to the Skyrim-Together website, simply re-log on the Skyrim-Together website, and try again. It should work now.

**Mod Console closing out before launching - Fix**
If your launcher opens up the console and then crashes it can come from a few things.
  1. If there are some things about patterns writing in the console, your exe file is not recognized by our mod, which means you either have an unofficial version, an outdated version, or a mod is modifying your game executable. (SE Engine fix does that, remove it.)
  2. If you have never launched SE on your computer before, do that first, launch it once and close it when you reached the main menu.

**Unable to see your friends - Fix**
  1. If the party host has not launched the party, do it with the top left button "LAUNCH PARTY"
  2. Install the same game language for every players. (This issue will be fixed next patch)
  3. If that doesn't fix it, you probably have a mod changing the cell names, or OpenCities which can cause issues with our mod.
  4. We have also noticed that some routers/programs may partially block the connection to our servers, allowing you to connect but not to see your friends, in this case there is not much we can do, you have to find out yourself what is blocking the connection on your end.

**Launcher opens Steam along with a small window that shows your name and random characters - Fix**
  1. Launch Harbor as admin.

**For other Connection issues - Fix**
  1. Try allowing Skyrim SE and Skyrim SE Launcher into your Firewall, disable it completely if you still can't get it to work.

**Launcher's "Unknown Error" - Fix**
  1. Chances are you're most likely running on a public network, like a university network for example, which is blocking the launcher connection, if not, a software is blocking it.
  2. Find a way around it, a VPN would do that work.

**Crashes while loading due CreationClub issues in the Eastern part of the EU - Fix**
  1. Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition
  2. Open SkyrimCustom.ini' or create if missing.
  3. Add

**Crashing on Windows 7**
2.Right click SkyrimSE.exe and click Properties
  1. Go to the Compatibility tab
  2. Check the checkbox labelled "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
  3. In the dropdown below the checkbox, select "Windows 7"
  4. Make sure your game is running in Admin mode with the checkbox at the bottom

Will add more as we come across more fixes.
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Mod Organizer 2.1.6 Public Release

Hi there, we are happy to announce that Mod Organizer 2 version 2.1.6 has entered public release and is now available on Nexus: Nexus Page

It has been a while from the last version and once again we ended up with quite a long changelog. We have finally been able to avoid a convoluted problem that caused mods to not show up in other programs if Windows Event Logs where compromised (big thanks to our LostDragonist) and have added a healthy dose of new features. Some notable examples are Colored modList Separators, a new Notes Column for each mod and a FNIS integration plugin.​

We updated the MO2 UI framework and added a lot of new UI elements, this could cause borked or oversized UI elements when you first open the new version, as the old Geometry data is read incorrectly.
We have thus added an option in the settings to Reset the Geometry Data to fix all these issues. Here is how you can access this option: Reset Window Geometries Picture

There are a lot of other new features thus we strongly recommend reading the following changelog to not miss on them as many are quite hidden:



New Features


Game-Specific Changes



Here are a few pictures of some of the features
Data Tab
Theme and Right-Click Menu

Happy Modding!

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[Guide] Modding Skyrim with Mod Organizer 2 under Wine

Proper solution

You can now run USVFS under wine with this patchset: https://old.reddit.com/linux_gaming/comments/d3493y/i_got_mod_organizer_2s_usvfs_running_under_wine/
The original guide is kept below


Currently USVFS (the system Mod Organizer 2 uses to run programs with the modded filesystem) doesn't work properly under Wine. While there have been advancements, it still doesn't properly work under wine-staging 4.12.1. However, pretty much the rest of MO2 works flawlessly. So to mod Bethesda games, we have a few options:
Or... we could create a workaround that allows us to use Mod Organizer 2 to, well, organize our mods, but use an alternate program to actually use our mods with Skyrim. Thankfully, A.J. Venter went ahead and created the initial version of movfs4l.py, a script that created a virtual "installation" of mods you've installed using MO2 through symlinks (similar to the approach taken by Vortex). Although the script has been mostly rewritten since then, the fundamental way it works still remains quite similar.
While this approach functionally works, it's less than ideal. For starters, you need to tear down the symlink installation every time you want to run MO2 again. Therefore every time you want to update your mod setup, you have to tear down and set up your symlink installation -- a process that takes ~10 minutes on my computer (yes, I have a lot of mods installed haha). On top of this, programs like FNIS and BodySlide have to be re-run every time you redo your symlink installation (although BodySlide can be manually set to writing in MO2's overwrite directory instead).
Because of this, I tried a new approach: Create a version of USVFS for Linux (winevfs). Now you can run Skyrim/Fallout without requiring the symlink setup, and tools like FNIS/BodySlide work as intended... but it also has a number of downsides:
Unrelated to the guide, but if anyone else wants to make a project like this, you're in for a lot of debugging haha. I remember one issue took me nearly 12 hours straight to debug it, and required sifting through literal gigabytes of logs.

If you're not sure which one to use, symlinks are the most compatible solution, but take a significant amount of time to setup and tear down. Winevfs is much quicker, but is still in beta.
This guide will focus on setting up both methods.

Modding Skyrim/Fallout with MO2 under Wine

Setting up

This is fairly straightforward. Install the game of your choosing, set the WINEPREFIX environment variable correctly (e.g. ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/72850/pfx for Skyrim, check Proton's wiki for details) and install MO2 to that prefix.
If possible, install it to C:\Modding\MO2 (the default path suggested by the installer), as it will make the next step a little simpler.
Next, get movfs4l.py and winevfs (optional):
git clone https://github.com/qsniyg/ksp_stuff git clone https://github.com/qsniyg/winevfs 
I'll focus first on setting up winevfs as it's the easiest:
cd winevfs mkdir build && cd build cmake .. make 
This will create "build/bin/winevfs" in the directory where you cloned winevfs. Make a note of the full path (e.g. if you cloned it in your home directory, the path would be /home/your_username/winevfs/build/bin/winevfs), as you'll need it later.
Next, we need to generate a configuration file for ksp_stuff. Make sure WINEPREFIX is set to where you installed MO2 (e.g. export WINEPREFIX=~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/72850/pfx for Oldrim), then:
python3 movfs4l.py 
If everything goes well, it should let you know that it has detected one or more games, and it has written the configuration to config.ini (beside movfs4l.py). If not, you may need to specify one or more of these variables:
The script should let you know which ones it needs. They can be specified as command line arguments, for example:
python3 movfs4l.py --wineuser steamuser --mo_installroot ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/72850/pfx/drive_c/ModOrganizer2 
Once it's generated, edit config.ini to your liking. Options under [general] are applied first, game-specific options (e.g. [game/Skyrim]) are applied after (overwriting [general] options), and command-line arguments are applied last (overwriting everything).
If using winevfs, set the winevfs options to the path to the winevfs executable under [general], for example:
[general] ... winevfs = /home/your_username/winevfs/build/bin/winevfs 

Modding and running

Modding using MO2 is outside the scope of this guide, but as written in the introduction, make sure that this is kept entirely separate from movfs4l.py. Don't run MO2 when the symlinked filesystem is installed, don't run MO2 with winevfs, and especially don't run MO2 without winevfs, while winevfs is still running. It's definitely a good idea to backup your MO2 profile just in case something goes wrong.
Once you're happy with your mod setup, you can either use symlinks, or use winevfs (pros and cons are listed in the introduction).

To use symlinks, simply run movfs4l.py again, optionally specifying the game and profile (if there is more than one game and profile):
python3 movfs4l.py --game Skyrim --profile Default 
After it has finished setting up the symlink installation, you can run the game, or modding tools if needed. To remove the symlinked installation (in order to use MO2 again), simply run it again, this time with --unvfs:
python3 movfs4l.py --game Skyrim --profile Default --unvfs 

To use winevfs, use the --run option, as well as the optional --cwd (current working directory) option. For example:
python3 movfs4l.py --game Skyrim --profile Default --run ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 4.11/dist/bin/wine TESV.exe 
If using a tool like FNIS, you'll need to specify the current working directory to be wherever it's located. Personally I copy these tools over to my Skyrim Data directory, I find it easier to work with them that way.

Tips for other programs


FNIS requires dotnet40 to be installed in order to work. Use winetricks dotnet40 (setting the WINE environmental variable to proton's wine binary, if using proton) to install it.

Nemesis Ultimate Behavior Engine

Nemesis on the other hand requires wine-mono (it will crash under dotnet40). Personally I use two separate wineprefixes to test FNIS and Nemesis.
Since Nemesis is strongly multithreaded, I'd recommend sticking to FNIS for now if using winevfs. I'm not sure if it works under a symlinked installation, although I see no reason for it to fail.


Under my testing, BodySlide seems to works without issue under winevfs. If using a symlinked installation, when building, Ctrl+Click the "Build" button and set the output directory to be the "overwrite" directory under the MO2 data directory. This will allow you to not have to worry about running it each time you redo the symlinked setup.

Future directions

I'm currently still trying to investigate why USVFS fails under Wine. Ideally movfs4l.py and winevfs will become obsolete soon, but until then, there are still a number of features/bugfixes/performance improvements that can be made. If you're interested in helping out in any way (including bug reports), I'd really appreciate it! :)

If you have any issues with this guide, let me know and I'll try to help.
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[FO4] Help with manual water pump in modded survival

I am having issues with my fairly heavily modded fallout 4 play-through. Whenever I drink from a water pump in survival it does not satisfy any thirst. I tried disabling the canteen mod I had installed but it wasn't it. Does anyone know what I can check in F04Edit to see what is impacting the water pump? I confirmed that disabling all mods restores the vanilla behavior.
TLDR: One of my mods "breaks" the manual water pump, I need help figuring out which.
Here is my load order in case it helps:
GameMode=Fallout4 Fallout4.esm=1 DLCRobot.esm=1 DLCworkshop01.esm=1 DLCCoast.esm=1 DLCworkshop02.esm=1 DLCworkshop03.esm=1 DLCNukaWorld.esm=1 Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp=1 XDI.esm=1 SettlementKeywords.esm=1 TrueStormsFO4.esm=1 ArmorKeywords.esm=1 Commonwealth Buff-Et.esm=1 Eisenwolfs Legacy.esm=1 FCOM.esm=1 JamaicaPlainPathing.esm=1 ARB.esl=1 CROSSInstituteExpeditionarySuit.esp=1 TheKite_Railroad_Handmaiden.esp=1 UncappedSettlementSurplus.esp=1 CROSS_BreakActionLaser.esp=1 Optimized Vanilla Textures.esp=1 RobotFactionPaint.esp=1 CleanerChemBoxes.esp=1 The Eyes Of Beauty.esp=1 Better Manufacturing.esp=1 Armorsmith Extended.esp=1 DX Adventurer Outfit.esp=1 Armored General by Hothtrooper44.esp=1 CommonwealthSurvivalist.esp=1 GlovesOfTheCommonwealth.esp=1 K9TacticalHarness.esp=1 NukaRaidersArmorFixer.esp=1 Armor_Modifications_Overhaul_RoboArmor.esp=1 AWPWandererCoat.esp=1 Wasteland Sniper by Hothtrooper44.esp=1 CommonwealthFashionWeek.esp=1 ClothingOverhaulSP_XB1_PC.esp=1 Hazmat Suit.esp=1 Third Person Movement Speed Fix.esp=1 Fixed Alpha Map.esp=1 NoVanillaRadiantDLCLocations.esp=1 ProvisionerBackPack.esp=1 ProtoLining.esp=1 RemoteExplosives.esp=1 Binoculars.esp=1 Flare _Gun_Redone_v1.1.esp=1 Crecy.esp=1 EquilibriumWeapons.esp=1 6Shot.esp=1 Syringer Weapon Rework - Mav's Marvelous Mods.esp=1 Survival Syringer Ammo.esp=1 Quieter Settlements - Vanilla.esp=1 Quieter Settlements - Wasteland Workshop.esp=1 Quieter Settlements - Contraptions.esp=1 RadiantBirdsv05.esp=1 EveryonesBestFriend.esp=1 Pet - Call -Feed Dogmeat.esp=1 CompanionsGoHome_A.esp=1 AS_CraftableInstituteStations.esp=1 AS_Institute_Workstations.esp=1 ManufacturingExtended.esp=1 Better Manufacturing - Manufacturing Extended Additions.esp=1 SettlementMenuManager.esp=1 CompactCrafting.esp=1 No Borders.esp=1 Mechanist Lair Overhaul.esp=1 LT_Scrappable_Commonwealth(no_previs).esp=1 LT_Scrappable_Trash.esp=1 g2m_Workshop_Nexus.esp=1 ImmersiveScrapping.esp=1 Settler_Radio.esp=1 Thematic and Practical.esp=1 Thematic and Practical - DLC.esp=1 Ground_Vanilla.esp=1 EvilViking13_MinutemenMorale.esp=1 Evan_Modular Kitchen.esp=1 cartman1975_warehouse.esp=1 DSShipmentBaron.esp=1 MoreFuckinMeat.esp=1 NoTwigs.esp=1 ProvisionerUniform.esp=1 Binary Speech Checks V.4.esp=1 Camping.esp=1 FruitfulLaborMoreHarvests.esp=1 Journey.esp=1 No Aggro Impact Landing.esp=1 Realistic Death Physics - ALL DLC.esp=1 SleeplessNights.esp=1 FO3 + NV Option.esp=1 SurvivalOptions.esp=1 LureEnemies.esp=1 TurretControlPanel.esp=1 ImmersiveCart.esp=1 Simple Salvageable Power Armor Frames.esp=1 Wasteland Workshop Streetlights.esp=1 Nuka-Cola Flavors for the Commonwealth.esp=1 Burnt Magazines, Books, and Documents Give Cloth.esp=1 Canned Goods Crafting.esp=1 Eli_Immersive Coffee Mod 9000 GTX French Roast.esp=1 GKX Gone Fishin.esp=1 UniqueNPCSettlers.esp=1 MechanistSettler.esp=1 FIXEDGoodfeels_no_DLC_needed.esp=1 ModdableGoodfeels.esp=1 Guards.esp=1 BostonFPSFixAIO.esp=1 BTInteriors_Project.esp=1 LootableCrates.esp=1 subwayrunnnernodynamic.esp=1 FogOut - Interiors - All DLC.esp=1 WestTekTacticalOptics.esp=1 HAIA With Crafting.esp=1 ImprovedBoS.esp=1 Farm.esp=1 CovenantUnowned.esp=1 CovenantTurrets.esp=1 GrenadeLauncherStandalone.esp=1 Home Plate Workbench Linked - Mechanists Lair Workbench.esp=1 Ground_Farm.esp=1 Campsite.esp=1 Campsite-Full-Sleep.esp=1 NukaCraft.esp=1 NukaFridge_Test1.esp=1 InstituteSky.esp=1 DrGoodneighbor.esp=1 RRTV_TeaganSellsBOSClothing.esp=1 Insignificant Object Remover.esp=1 NoWaterBreathe.esp=1 Goodneighbor Old State Player House Vanilla.esp=1 Better Settlement Defence.esp=1 CGuard.esp=1 CAMP.esp=1 SettleObjExpandPack.esp=1 SkjAlert_All_DLC.esp=1 TheFridge.esp=1 WindowBoards.esp=1 Better Power Armor - Normal.esp=1 Consistent Power Armor Overhaul.esp=1 EnclaveX02.esp=1 PA-Quick Animations.esp=1 PowerArmorDelivery.esp=1 PowerArmorJumpUpgrade.esp=1 PowerPacks.esp=1 combat_PA.esp=1 tumbajamba Advanced Engineering.esp=1 combat_PA - tAE - AWKCR.esp=1 X02Factions.esp=1 BountifulBoards.esp=1 GCM.esp=1 Clear Water.esp=1 TrueStormsFO4-FarHarbor.esp=1 TrueStormsFO4-GlowingSeaExtraRads.esp=1 TrueStormsFO4-NukaWorld-FH-Compat.esp=1 Better Workshop Street Oil Lamps.esp=1 DarkerNights.esp=1 DarkerNightsDetection.esp=1 EquilibriumWeaponsAWKCR.esp=1 AGOMBz.esp=1 Wasteland Illumination.esp=1 ImmersiveScrapping_TidyUp.esp=1 W.A.T.Minutemen.esp=1 STRAC Hats.esp=1 The Lost Vault.esp=1 More Radstags - Triple.esp=1 Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp=1 FHLeveledListIntegration.esp=1 ModularKalash.esp=1 Crossbow.esp=1 GatlingRifle.esp=1 GatlingRifle-Commando.esp=1 GatlingRifle-NoIdiotSavant.esp=1 One Minutemen Radiant Quest At A Time.esp=1 NW_MM_Settlement.esp=1 ASE_PerfPatch.esp=1 Minuteman Watchtowers.esp=1 Conquest.esp=1 BioshockInspiredPowerArmor.esp=1 F4NVServiceRifleRedux.esp=1 WattzLaserGun.esp=1 Expanded Railway Rifle Mods.esp=1 BunkerHillRaidPatrol.esp=1 ellen.esp=1 HomePlateConnected.esp=1 DWUK_LexingtonInteriors.esp=1 HammerBeGone.esp=1 LimaOutpost.esp=1 FO4 NPCs Travel.esp=1 RRShutteredDoors.esp=1 Greaser's Vault Suit.esp=1 P99.esp=1 llamaCompanionHeather.esp=1 ChurchCellar.esp=1 SymbioticSettlements.esp=1 GOT.esp=1 BasementLiving.esp=1 CWSS Redux.esp=1 Nate US Army Reserve Equipment CR.esp=1 SalvageBeacons.esp=1 DocDrumlin.esp=1 SSEX.esp=1 WareHouseExt.esp=1 WareHouseExt-Clean.esp=1 FissionBattery.esp=1 Hellfirenew.esp=1 WarFist.esp=1 Crecy - AWKCR Compatibility.esp=1 CommonwealthSurvivalist - AWKCR Compatibility.esp=1 GlovesOfTheCommonwealth - AWKCR Compatibility.esp=1 Better_Notes.esp=1 Publick Occurrences Expanded.esp=1 llamaCompanionHeather-AE Patch.esp=1 Scrap Everything - Ultimate Edition.esp=1 Farm_CP_ScrapEverything_UE.esp=1 institutebase (2).esp=1 nuka_world_settlements.esp=1 WickedCleanUp.esp=1 FairlineHillDraco_FixedRoofs.esp=1 ArcjetExteriorSettlement.esp=1 FiddlersGreenSettlement2018.esp=1 Believable Drumlin Diner (turret).esp=1 RelaySiteAlpha.esp=1 clothingoverhaul.esp=1 commonwealthdepository.esp=1 Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp=1
Tried to cleanup the formatting best I know how, any one know a better way to paste load order other than exporting it from NMM?
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Having issues with RealVision ENB

Hi, so I'm kinda desperate at this point. I recently installed Skyrim onto my new computer that I built about a year ago since there's nothing to do in WoW at the moment. On my previous computer I ran a super modded Skyrim that looked like a more modern game. I was hoping to get the same experience with my new machine, so I was following the install instructions for RealVision ENB on the Nexus. link: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/30936/?tab=description
(First Install)
It has been quite a while since I've played the game and much longer since I tried modding at all, but I tried following these instructions as well as I could. I manually downloaded and installed all of the necessary mods. I figured that I had done this before, albeit years ago, and that it would just magically work at the end of it all. So I finish installing all the mods and install RealVision. I try to start up the game but I keep getting CTDs after the Bethesda screen. I had used Loot after installing and I followed the instructions.
(Second Install)
I figured I made a mistake along the way and decided to just try it again, this time using Nexus Mod Manager to maybe speed things up a bit. I got it up and running after installing all of the necessary mods and checked that it was working before I tried installing RealVision. It worked, I was able to get in game and everything was running fine. So I installed RealVision and immediately started getting CTDs again, after the Bethesda screen. It was around this time that I stumbled upon MO. In my time away from modding, it seems like the whole game changed. Now, there was a way to download mods without modifying any of the original game files, which still seems really cool to me. So I decided to try this whole process AGAIN, using MO instead of NMM.
(Third Install)
This time it was getting pretty late and I neglected some of the basics as far as troubleshooting. I did a better job of organizing the mod zip files in order so that if I need to do this again it should be easier. However, I didn't check if the game was working before I installed RealVision. I rushed through it really fast hoping that it would just work this time, but here I am again getting CTDs, this time with no Bethesda screen, though.
I'm really not sure what it could be, I checked that the ENB binaries match the version of RealVision that I downloaded and I've run Loot (using MO). That's about the extent of my debugging abilities with this kind of stuff. I'm sorry if I broke some rules by posting this, I'm just a dude trying to play Skyrim and I have no idea what to do to get it to work. If more information is needed just let me know. This is about all I can think of right now, but it's almost 1 am and I need to be up at 8 am, so I'll be back tomorrow. Thanks in advanced if anyone reads this
Just saw the rule about mod lists being required. I'm using all of the non-optional mods listed in the link I posted, but I'll type them out rq anyway.
Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD
HD Enhanced Terrain
The Skyrim Distance Overhaul LOD Improvement
SkyFalls and SkyMills - Animated Distant Waterfalls and WindMills (New Skyrim LOD and patch for SDO)
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Ruins Clutter Improved
NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K
Enchanced Vanilla Trees
Skyrim Flora Overhaul (SFO v1.71 + AOF Tree LODs)
Immersive Fallen Trees Mod
4K Tree and Parallax for Pines by Pfuscher
Unique Flowers and Plants (plus the Performance Textures)
Verdant - A Skyrim Grass Plugin 1.6c
Realistic Water Two
Watercolor for ENB and Realistic Water Two
Transparent wave spray Retexture for realistic water 2
AOF Detailed Mountains
Dust Effects
Realistic Smoke and Embers
Climates Of Tamriel v3.1
Supreme Storms for Climates of Tamriel
Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch
True Storms- Thunder and Rain Redone
Realistic Lighting Overhaul 4_0_8_01
RealVision ENB 315b
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[WIP] Troubleshooting guide

I'm tired of seeing problems that could be solved with a bit of basic critical thinking and problem solving skills, but I don't have the energy to try to teach that to random adults on the internet.
So, here's a guide that'll hopefully help you work through it yourself with a little more "read the guide" and a little less "hand hold you through the entire process."
It is very much a WIP, so while you can use this to troubleshoot, really I'm looking more for anything I missed, any common problems, and any mistakes in this guide. It's designed for someone who has already followed the beginner's guide.
Common causes of issues:
CTD = Crash to desktop
CTD right after bethesda logo (before skyrim splash appears). (Not to be confused with, crash right after the skyrim logo appears!)
This is a missing master. No ifs, ands, or buts.
Ways to troubleshoot:
CTD right after skyrim splash appears
This has a few causes:
Instant CTD upon hitting load game/continue game
Instant CTD upon hitting anything on the main menu
Infinite Loading Screen/Loading Screen Crashes
Really long loading screen, but it does load eventually (I only consider it infinite if it takes longer than 10 min)
CTD when loading into a particular cell (for example, loading into Tamriel worldspace)
Random CTD (with no performance loss)
CTD in a particular location
CTD while doing a particular action
Non-CTD issues:
Shiny/glowing purple or blue objects
There are two options for this:
Invisible Objects
Unexpected or unwanted mod behavior, or mod not working
Inpug lag/script latency/slowness
Low fps
Not going to cover this, I think you can figure it out. Uninstall JK's Skyrim.
Other bugs
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Please help, I installed TrueVision Enb and did all the changes i had to on all ends, but it didnt change how my game looks.

bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 bDrawLandShadows=1 bTreesReceiveShadows=1 iBlurDeferredShadowMask=5 (use this setting if you have your shadows set to "Ultra" in the SkyrimLauncher)
It doesnt looks like this.
looks more like this https://i.imgur.com/YGRdPUZ.jpg
When he said to move the d3d9.dll to the .exe folder, did he mean to move ALL the components of the .zip?
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[FO4] Looks Menu Customization Compendium not working, looking for advice please.

I've been playing the game for a bit now and have LM, LMCC, LM 2k Face installed. For some reason, the character reverted to customizable and when I enter looks menu, no matter what I apply, the textures don't seem to be sticking. I'm sure it is a mod conflicting somewhere, but I am amateur at best when it comes to mods. Can you guys give me load order a look-see and lemme know what you think might be causing the conflict? Additionally, if you see anything else that may conflict I'd appreciate that too as I may have missed some stuff. Thanks for your consideration.
Update: Disabling "The Eyes of Beauty" and "THBrows" has somewhat fixed the issue. They behaved well before but something must be conflicting now. Will update after singling out the conflict.
Update/Solution found: The newest batch of LMCC (Looks Menu Customization Compendium) (Reload on NMM after it was deleted) actually contains THBrows in it, which caused conflicts with standalone THBrows. I guess this was evidenced by FOEdit saying Delete THBrows because it is a duplicate, but hey, I learned what that means now and how that affects mods. I'm gonna leave this up in case anyone else has this issue and can't find the solution (at the mods discretion). Thanks for the assistance Anvirol.
GameMode=Fallout4 Fallout4.esm=1 DLCRobot.esm=1 DLCworkshop01.esm=1 DLCCoast.esm=1 DLCworkshop02.esm=1 DLCworkshop03.esm=1 DLCNukaWorld.esm=1
Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp=1 ArmorKeywords.esm=1 SettlementKeywords.esm=1 Homemaker.esm=1 HUDFramework.esm=1 SpringCleaning.esm=1 LooksMenu.esp=1 LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp=1 YogHarleyBat.esp=1 CleanSettlement Beds.esp=1 AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp=1 Lots More Female Hairstyles.esp=1 KSHairdos.esp=1 SHB.esp=1 LongerPowerLines3x.esp=1 MiscHairstyle.esp=1 THBrows.esp=1 TheEyesOfBeauty.esp=1 CBBE.esp=1 ValdacilsItemSorting-00-ValsPicks-DLCVersion.esp=1 MoreUniques.esp=1 Armorsmith Extended.esp=1 K9TacticalHarness.esp=1 Toxic Raider Armour.esp=1 EveryonesBestFriend.esp=1 clothingoverhaul.esp=1 TrueReporter.esp=1 ClothingOverhaulSPXB1_PC.esp=1 Armorsmith All DLCs Patch.esp=1 def_inv_scrap_en.esp=1 Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp=1 AdvBubbleTurretSet.esp=1 OCDecorator.esp=1 SettlementMenuManager.esp=1 SkjAlert_All_DLC.esp=1 Locksmith.esp=1 SC_ExpandedScrapList.esp=1 Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul.esp=1 More Where That Came From Diamond City.esp=1 More Where That Came From - Classic.esp=1 BetterBostonAirport.esp=1 NPCs Scaling.esp=1 Better Locational Damage.esp=1 SurvivalOptions.esp=1 NPC Spawner.esp=1 MojaveImports.esp=1 Weapons Re-Weighted V1.1.esp=1 RangerSequoia.esp=1 ValdacilsItemSorting - WastelandImports TAGS.esp=1 CrimeTown.esp=1 TrainBar.esp=1 Eli_Armour_Compendium.esp=1 Eli Armor Compendium AE VIS Patch.esp=1 DeadAirplane.esp=1 Eli_MarlboroughHouse.esp=1 VertibirdOverhaulHackAndMark.esp=1 UniqueFollowers.esp=1 LovingPiper-TrueReporterSE.esp=1 Edit_Hancock.esp=1 BLD - Leveled Lists.esp=1 RaiderOverhaul.esp=1 ValdacilsItemSorting - Raider Overhaul TAGS - AE.esp=1 Minutemenoverhaul.esp=1 QuazVehicleOverhaul.esp=1 RecruitableSettlers.esp=1 SuperMutantOverhaul.esp=1 ValdacilsItemSorting - Super Mutant Redux.esp=1 PlaneWreck.esp=1 Vivid Waters.esp=1 AtomCatGarage.esp=1 RecruitableSettlersFH.esp=1 SettlementAttacksBeyond.esp=1 CorvalhoWidowShotgun.esp=1 DX_Black_Widow.esp=1 ImmersiveVendors.esp=1 True-Frags_v1-2_LoDmg_NoKnockdown_LoRange_NukaDLC.esp=1 llamaCompanionHeather.esp=1 salvagebeacons.esp=1 PCDugBuildAWall.esp=1 IMG_Castle_Wall_Patches.esp=1 My_Minutemen.esp=1 My_Minutemen - AE - Valdacils Item Sorting Patch .esp=1 Sandbag Fortifications - Version 2C.esp=1 Passthrough.esp=1 WaterpumpWithBucket.esp=1 QuickEnterFromStand.esp=1 QuickExitToStand.esp=1 DX Courser X-92 Power Suit.esp=1 CompanionTracker.esp=1 EvilViking13_MinutemenMorale.esp=1 MinutemenPropaganda.esp=1 SlowTime.esp=1 Binary Speech Checks V.4 Hard-Forgiving.esp=1 MMP4APA-blue.esp=1 MMP4APA.esp=1 FilledBrahminFeedTroughs.esp=1 Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul - No Passive Power - SKE.esp=1 Power Conduits and Pylons Overhaul - SKE.esp=1 PoweredWaterpumpWithBathtub.esp=1 Vivid Weathers - FO4.esp=1 Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Far Harbor.esp=1 Vivid Weathers - Natural Bright.esp=1 Vivid Weathers - Nuka World.esp=1 DarkerNights.esp=1 AltNightVision.esp=1 AltNightPerson.esp=1 AltReconVision.esp=1 PressXtoRespond.esp=1 BetterCompanions.esp=1 AA Better Companions - No Conflicts.esp=1 Grasslands - Healthy.esp=1 infinite_settlement_budget.esp=1 RobotFactionPaint.esp=1 EAMR.esp=1 Truly Unique Nick - VR.esp=1 Raider Overhaul - AE Patch-Restored Content.esp=1 Raider Overhaul - AE Patch.esp=1 Better Locational Damage - Ghoul Edition.esp=1 Better Locational Damage - DLC_Automatron.esp=1 Better Perks.esp=1 Better Locational Damage - DLC_WWorkshop.esp=1 Better Locational Damage Raider Overhaul_Valdacil_Patch.esp=1 Better Chems - Valdacils Item Sorting.esp=1 Better Locational Damage - DLC_Far_Harbor.esp=1 Better Locational Damage - DLC_Nuka_World.esp=1 Better Locational Damage - Valdacil's Item Sorting - Patch.esp=1 Weapons Re-Weighted DLC Far Harbour.esp=1 BLD Holotape.esp=1 llamaCompanionHeather-VIS-AE Patch.esp=1 Deeper Thoughts with Less Babble (Curie).esp=1 BetterSettlersNoLollygagging.esp=1 BetterSettlers.esp=1 BetterSettlersCleanFacePack.esp=1 BetterSettlersCCAPack2.0.esp=1 BetterSettlersMortalSoldiersPack.esp=1 AA LMSE_FarHarbor.esp=1 BetterSettlersMostlyFemale.esp=1 Campsite.esp=1 Campsite-AWKCR.esp=1 Companion_BloodRose.esp=1 Cait.esp=0
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[Hacking Tutorial] Modifying Existing Weapons

It's been a while since I had one of these, but we're going to go through modifying weapons and adding custom ones. There's some new concepts in here for adding new items, so we're going to start simple with modifying existing weapons.
Things you'll need:
With that, let's get started. The first thing we're going to do is simple: modify stats of existing weapons.
  1. Open up Nightmare and open up the ROM and load up the Item Editor for your game (I assume you went through the other tutorials, so I won't have too many pictures for things covered earlier). You should see something like this for FE6.
  2. Things should be looking pretty obvious right now, so let's choose a weapon to modify. Let's just do Iron Lance, since that's easy to test. So go ahead and find Iron Lance in the list.
  3. Once you select it, all of the fields below will update with data for that item. Most things should be pretty straightforward, and modifying them should be pretty straightforward as well, but let's just go over them really quick.
  1. Whew, so let's just modify our Iron Lance already. We're going to modify it so that it looks like this. Yeah, it's OP.
  2. So let's check it out in game. Pssh. Yeah, "ordinary spear" my ass. Let's try it out, shall we?. I'm not sure I would have expected any different. Also, I'm pretty sure that's the Divinestone buff.
  3. So, there you go. How to break Fire Emblem 6 over your knee with an ordinary spear.
So I did mention you could do all of this without Nightmare as well. You should stop reading here if you want to keep your brain intact. I take no responsibility for massive confusion if you read on.
Here's your cheat sheet for doing it without Nightmare. You have to know where the weapon data lives in the ROM. You see, that nightmare module (nmm file) is actually human readable if you open it in a text editor. If you open up FE6's item editor, you'll find this:
FE6 Item Editor by SpyroDi, modified by Arch
FE6 Item Editor.txt
You can take a guess what that address I bolded there is. If you jump to that address in the hex, you'll find the start of weapon data. Each block for an item is 0x20 bytes (32 bytes, which corresponds to the other info in the module). Remember Iron Lance's ID? It was 0x10. That means it's the 16th item in the block. so if you do 16 x 32, you'll get 512, which is 0x200. If you jump to 0x60B648 + 0x200 (which is 0x60B848), you'll find your Iron Lance. So let's jump to it in our modified file.
What you'll see at that offset and the next 32 bytes for it is:
39 07 BE 05 00 00 10 01 21 01 00 00 B0 27 66 08 00 00 00 00 63 19 64 01 23 11 08 00 01 0F 00 00
Sweet jesus, what the fuck is this? Well, if you look closely and look at what we found earlier for Iron Lance, all of those values do actually match up. Remember the item name? The value there was 0739 in Nightmare. Remembering that GBA uses little endian, that corresponds to the first 2 bytes. The next two are the item description (which was 05BE in nightmare). The next two are the item description, which was blank (0000). Followed by the ID (0x10), weapon type (1 for spear), weapon ability 1 (0x20 is the brave effect, and 0x01 is the weapon trait, combine them together for 0x21), weapon ability 2 (0x01 is Reversing weapon triangle), 2 blank bytes (you'll see how we get this later), stat bonuses pointer (again, written in little endian order (we typed in 86627B0 earlier)), effectiveness pointer (which was nil, so 00000000), then durability (which was 99, or 0x63 in hex) and so on. Note that cost per use in this case is 2 bytes (since it could exceed 255, theoretically).
Note that this format is different across games, so you may have to figure out what you're modifying, but the general order is roughly the same. In fact, the nightmare module also tells you this information of what the bytes mean (including blank bytes from above) if you parse through it. Here's a sample from FE7's item editor nightmare module:
FE7 Item Editor by SpyroDi, updated by Nintenlord
0xBE222c Where the item data starts
159 How many items we have
36 The size of each item
FE7 Item Editor.txt
Item Name Pointer
0 The offset for the item name (i.e. how many bytes to skip from the beginning)
2 The number of bytes taken up by this field (i.e. how many bytes to read)
The bold bits are mine.
Finally, what if you don't know the ID? Alongside the nightmare module for the item editor is also an Item List.txt file that holds the list of all IDs for all items. You can look it up there as well.
Just to prove this works, we're going to modify our weapon back to more reasonable levels. We'll remove the Divinestone buff and bring it down to more reasonable levels. The changes I made look like this in HxD, and you should be able to decipher what my values are going to be.
I changed the Iron Lance to this string of hex:
39 07 BE 05 00 00 10 01 21 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 3C 04 64 08 0A 11 08 00 01 0F 00 00
Take a moment and see if you can figure out what I changed it to. I bolded the changes. See if you're right here. It still breaks the game, but at least it breaks it more reasonably.
Believe it or not, this is the easy stuff. Making your own weapons? That shit is a lot more complicated, but if you know this, it'll make things a lot easier.
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They are not shown by default since they are not part of the binary's original source code. --target=bfdname Specify an object code format other than your system's default format. @file Read command-line options from file. The options read are inserted in place of the original @file option. If file does not exist, or cannot be read, then the option will be treated literally, and not removed ... Show a summary of the options to nm and exit. -l--line-numbers. For each symbol, use debugging information to try to find a filename and line number. For a defined symbol, look for the line number of the address of the symbol. For an undefined symbol, look for the line number of a relocation entry which refers to the symbol. If line number information can be found, print it after the other ... With some extra options, this utility also gives the file in which the symbol is found. Since now we have a basic idea about the nm utility. Lets understand the usage of this utility through some practical commands. 1. Display Object Files that Refer to a Symbol. The following command displays all the object files that refer to the symbol ‘func’ in my current directory $ nm -A ./*.o grep ... Trading binary options may not be suitable for everyone. Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. As a result, the products offered on this website may not be suitable for all investors because of the risk of losing all of your invested capital. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, and never trade with ... For example, I used the nm command with the 'apl' binary file: nm apl. The following screenshot shows the kind of output the above command produced: The three columns produced in output represent the symbol value, symbol type, and symbol name, respectively. There are several types of symbols - to know the complete details, head to the nm command man page. Q2. How to have file names precede ... Our YieldBoost Rank identified these particular NMM options as interesting ones to study: November 2020 $5.00 Strike PUT • 43.76% Annualized YieldBoost • 15.97% Out-of-the-money December 2020 $10.00 Strike CALL • 7.86% Annualized YieldBoost • 68.07% Out-of-the-money NMM — Current Quote: Quotes delayed 20 minutes: NMM — Performance: Navios Maritime Partners LP (NMM) Last: 5.95 ... O que são Opções Binárias Uma opção binária faz uma simples pergunta yesno: Se você acha que sim, você compra a opção binária. Se você acha... OPTIONS The following options are understood: ... Dear Team We use DB2 v10.5 and using DBArtisan tool Can someone please guide how to convert digits to binary numbers using db2 feature. Ex> for number 9 , binary should be 1001 ( 8+1) Any help appreciated. Thanks (2 Replies) Discussion started by: Perlbaby. 2 Replies . 7. UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users. Tar Command. hi folks, how to using tar ... The options read are inserted in place of the original @file option. If file does not exist, or cannot be read, then the option will be treated literally, and not removed. Options in file are separated by whitespace. A whitespace character may be included in an option by surrounding the entire option in either single or double quotes. Any character (including a backslash) may be included by ... Binary Options Win Profit 80 Indicator. Terminal: MetaTrader4 Indicator Kind: Gauge Software Time frame: M1 to H4 Buying and selling Property: Primary Foreign money Pairs + Gold and Silver Buying and selling time: from 7:00 to 19:00 GMT Advisable agents: dependable. Win Profit80 is not only a correct indicator for , however an entire ready-made technique for binary choices buying and selling.

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