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Credit Card for Travel?

After some help from this sub a couple of years back, I equipped myself with a 28 Degrees credit card and a Citibank card for ATM withdrawls. This worked fine at the time.
However, I am reading mixed reviews/opinions about some changes to 28D in that it now has fairly high fees.
Was hoping to get some recommendations on what cards you use to travel abroad with, with the focus on no/low fees.
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Where do you guys go for Currency Exchange

jw where you guys go for currency exchange and stuff. im going to vietnam for 2 weeks and then to bali, usually id just bring AUD to bali but i dont want to walk around nam for a fortnight with a wad of AU cash lying in a hostel. XE is giving me 1AU = 16,694 VND and 9,851 RPH but Travelex (no commission) is only giving me 13,000 Dong and 8,000 RPH
EDIT** i already have a travel card and just withdraw AU / exhcnage when im over there, i just want like 60$ of each currency of every country im going to so i can get in a cab and buy tacos when i land
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American expat with bank accounts in three different countries, moving back to China, want to make smart financial decisions.

Hey Reddit.... Got a curve ball for ya folks.
The Background:
So I'm a recent grad (Designer) from the US and I've been much been working abroad since my graduation in 2014. Spent time in Shanghai doing an internship and have worked the last seven months in Singapore.
I've been trying to be relatively money conscious... I was barely sustainable in Shanghai (making terrible pay, did homestay to avoid paying rent), and I've been able to save 50% of my Singapore salary for the last 6/7 months.
Next month I am moving back to China (full time job, Shenzhen, 3 year contract) and I have a couple of questions. Regarding my international accounts.
I have:
$1,000 USD in a Citibank account in the US.
$10,000 SGD in an account in Singapore.
$0 RMB in an account in China.
In China will be making roughly $3,500 dollars per month (in RMB of course).
The Questions:
I'm trying to decide if I need to convert my Singapore dollars into American dollars for easy access. Or should I leave the money in the Singapore acct? Should I keep all the money saved in China in my Chinese acct? Or should I slowly start converting the RMB to USD over time to deposit in my American acct? (btw I have little knowledge of how to play the Forex market so even some basic advice on buy and sell rates would be super helpful).
How should I manage my assets, especially with all the fluctuating currencies? I also obviously don't have a 401k or anything in China, so I also need to consider my savings for the future.
(Also I need a credit card. Ugh. Preferably from US for emergencies?)
Obligatory Appreciation:
Thanks people... It's a bit overwhelming for me since I've never had to manage my finances independently before. Plus the stress of country jumping all the time and taxes (just shoot me lol).
Any help/advice/encouragement is super welcome. Naysayers need not reply. Thanks!
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For Citibank Global Transfers and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, foreign exchange rates are displayed prior to the transaction and may be different from the indicative grid provided above. 3. If you are unable to view the exchange rates for today, please refresh cache on your computer. Enjoy locked-in exchange rates: Most of the forex cards offer locked-in exchange rate feature which protects the cardholder from fluctuating currency rates. Irrespective of the dollar rate on a given day, your money in the card remains the same. No currency exchange hassles: Carrying a forex card, frees you from the hassle of exchanging currency is foreign locations. With a pre-loaded forex ... This is a Non-Advised product. Citibank, N.A., UAE does not offer any recommendation for specific transaction with currency pairs, tenors and exchange rates (all 3 combined). Before you can place an order you must hold cash accounts with us in the original currency and the alternate currency. In addition, your cash account in the original ... Citi Credit Knowledge Center . From managing your credit and your money, to getting the most from your credit card benefits, we’ll show you how to take control of your finances – so that you can make the most of today and save more for tomorrow. The Citi PremierMiles Credit Card. A contender with a travel-oriented focus. It works like a traditional credit card where there is an interest rate on your purchases and you get the Citi exchange rates. There are fees with this card for making overseas purchases, which a later section will get into further. And in return for spending, you get miles you can accumulate to cash in at a later ... The exchange rates provided are updated every 60 seconds and indicative only. The exchange rates are subject to market movements and therefore can change. They should not be relied upon as representing the exchange rate that you may receive. You should login to for up-to-date exchange rates prior to an exchange. Principal Credit Card RM50.00 per card per year Supplementary Credit Card RM25.00 per card per year. Service Tax will be imposed on card open date and subsequent card open anniversary date every year. l) CitiPhone Credit Card statement: RM5.00 Requestvia CitiPhone Officer & SSPB: 18) CitiPhone statement: RM3.00 Request via SSPB RM5.00 Request ...

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One of the biggest expenses when it comes to using credit cards, is the interest rate. Depending on your credit worthiness, the APR can be more than 20%, which adds up quickly even if you only use ... Which Citi credit card is best for you? [Click "See More" for Advertiser Disclosure] You can support our channel by choosing your next credit card via one of... In addition to the Citi Simplicity Card having no late fees, Citi also markets this credit card as having no penalty fees either, which means that your interest rate can't be jacked up to the ... Friend's Citi Cashback Credit Card is a multipurpose credit card. This card offers great savings on everyday spends by providing instant cashback on movie ticket bookings, telephone and utility ... Get Instant approval and avail loan on Citibank credit card/ personal loan without documents. 100% paperwork free, 11% rate of interest with up to 12, 24, 36 and 48 months of easy EMI. Want to start 2020 fresh? Here's 5 credit cards you could get which would give you 0% interest rates for the next year! #1 Coles No Annual Fee #2 Bendigo Low Rate #3 Citibank Clear Platinum #4 St ... Welcome to my MissBeHelpful channel! More from MissBeHelpful: My VERY FIRST video (AWWW): Budgeting Basics: https://...